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Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.

Moi: a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key…actually there are keys. 

 Polite, lovely gentlemen with perfect manners in public who do not ask too many questions!  In private?  Squeaky clean, sensual, communicative and lets the client/companion relationship develop naturally, not 20 questions in as many seconds! 

A sure sign of them being what I term a ‘fly-by-night professional client’.  Not conducive to having a satisfying erotic encounter truth be told.  Is that the beginning of a gentle tirade?  Never!

Anyhow, before I travel a new photo shoot is on the cards. Hurrah! Am most definitely in need of a new escort portfolio to usher in the summer but I’ll jump on any excuse to show off to be honest. Still in the collecting lingerie (thank you figleaves vouchers!) and vintage dresses (thank you Etsy!) stage but have so little free time to plan it properly.  Juggling clients, ‘normal’ life, friends, last assignments, revision and escort admin is very, very difficult! I live so many lives and have so many secrets.

  This break is necessary not just for academic reasons but companionship too.  A time to recharge as have been messing up dates, days, times, hotels…something is discombobulated somewhere in the corners of my mind. 

 In fact today I bunked off ‘companionship’ to write this blog in the London sun before meeting a friend for a (non-alcoholic of course) drink.  Do you know how hard it is to blog about sexwork/being an escort while not being able to talk about being an escort on top of having to explain being MIA twice a week doing ‘research’ while actually having lots of  ‘sexy sex’?  

Well I’m becoming a bona fide expert on some aspects of this life (London hotels!) I must confess.  Particularly the oral aspect.  I brought a good friend to the verge of tears recently and not through using the sharp edge of my tongue either!  

 Excellente oral skills aside, when this shoot does happen it will showcase my ’70s bush’ a whole lot more.  I discovered way back in the beginning, that a few clients from the ‘click on sexy pics then ring’ brigade didn’t know I was an ‘au naturel’ everywhere kinda gal.   Had to add a couple of selfies to my gallery so there are no excuses for not knowing now, not that it had ever hampered anything obviously.  

Now all can see I’m all natural, everywhere.   Hairy, but not too hairy, as only my bush is allowed to run free within it’s triangular boundaries!  So maybe not that natural then.  Naturalish.  Everywhere else is as smooth and soft as silk.  If we’ve met then you know…and yes, that pose is a favourite!

Photographs are a way to convey the ‘escort me’ and unlike my blurb can’t be revised and changed easily, or for free most importantly, which is why I am putting a lot of effort into finding the right style.  Looks that are different and more than, “Here’s Kio in lingerie” and “Now we have Kio wearing a dress” and hopefully make you want to know more about the woman in the image. Perhaps I’m wrong and am thinking of what I would like rather than client’s actual wants?  

I realise that showing more flesh and bare bush pictures could appeal to some but I don’t feel comfortable with having full nudes on display on my site or ads (yes, those pieces of string and sheer fabric do make a difference to me).  Perhaps a nsfw password protected page for friends that have seen me could be the way to go rather than visually assaulting every visitor to my site with my bush!

Am going to use the same photographer who shot the ones that adorn this site as she captured my personal style and they are my absolute favourites. 70’s inspired of course.  I’m thinking retro black playboy model/porn star, but have to restrain myself.  I don’t want a “Kio’s problem is she went full retro, you never go full retro” situation and have clients either put off by/ or expecting to see me in vintage underwear (oh no honey!) or turn up to a date in bell bottoms! Though would that really be a bad thing?

It would be so disappointing if clients, after seeing my pictures and reading my blurb, find a disconnect between the image and reality.  Hasn’t happened so far, (my fingers are always crossed) except that I’m apparently more ‘fun’ than suggested.  Apart from having a photo of myself juggling oranges whilst wearing a red nose, not really sure how to convey ‘fun’ into my blurb!

I will one day soon write a post on my decision to have a bush and why…so sexy and involves a dearly departed family member, an attic and a stash of vhs videos….hmm I wonder!  See everyone has secrets! 

Gentle tirade alert!

As above. So, self reflection and finding the cause of escort/client irritations that were valid but had recently become harder then usual to brush off, meant having to take steps to extract myself and move away from certain spaces.  Not sure if it’s human nature or just my nature, to give more importance to the negative and annoying situations encountered.

I really am concentrating on being grateful for the really cool, normal clients and the great experiences I’ve had.  That really should be at the forefront of my mind.  Anyway, becoming annoyed, to a somewhat rational person, should result in a change in behaviour and actions which has largely happened but still, vestiges remain!

Case in point, (I do love that phrase unlike counter-intuitive, which makes me want to karate chop whoever has said it as they’re basically calling you an idiot) the last month has brought forth some lovely new ‘friends’ that I may see again and may not, doesn’t really matter but the setting up a date process was relatively easy.  A few hiccups but nothing major. Fabulous! 

I do try my hardest to literally spell out, explain, instruct and am actually toying with using stick figures to illustrate how to see me. Days, dates and times, to the hour are on my ads, particularly Adultwork. Can’t miss them. In fact, I’d like to actually know how they can be missed. Please tell me!

This is not an uncommon gripe among escorts for sure but I am always baffled at the communication I occasionally receive from those who have obviously seen independent escorts before, yet think that a line is enough to schedule an appointment. It’s possible but headache inducing.

 For some inexplicable reason, last Friday I actually responded to a one line email (I think because my flatmate was getting ready for an early shoot and had been charging up and down the stairs like Cinderella so I was up from 6am!) to a one liner in which I had to gently remind the client that the onus was on him to tell me a day, time and duration.  Very nicely I must add.  I then tried to extract information regarding which day and time, and after all that…received a response for a day and time I am never available! 

My days are clearly stated on my ads, in fact my Adultwork auto response even tells such gentlemen to bear in mind my available dates and times in case they actually wish to book. Yet still…The only explanation is that they are so excited at the prospect of meeting me, or whichever escort the oneliner sends his…one line, that rationality flies out of the window. Yet so many are able to so…? 

As a believer in the balancing nature of the universe if you are at heart a good person, (and believe me I was super polite to oneliner, I really was, quite unlike towards the person who passively aggressively implied I was a scammer who received an email I’m sure made his eyes bleed yet contained no expletives!) the universe either blesses you personally or you enjoy the most delicious feeling of justified schadenfreude!

I later inexplicably answered my phone (I never take calls, 9 out of 10 are from mumblers or fantasists) and received a call from a gentleman who had actually read my profile and requirements and…drumroll please…had them!  Thank you universe!

*Pensively staring at my reflection and thanking the universe*


Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

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