Ass Worship: My kinky delight.

Indulge in ass worship/queening with a high class independent Ebony Escort

Submit to the allure of kink and submission with a touch of sophistication with a high class independent Ebony Escort in London. As a purveyor of pleasure, I offer an exquisite journey into the world of submissive ass worship and queening, creating an unforgettable experience.  Surrender to the thrill of submission as you explore your desires in the company of a skilled and open-minded Independent High class London Ebony Escort. With a blend of beauty, charm and sensuality, I am here to guide you through a space where fantasies come to life. ignite your passions as we venture into the captivating realm of kink together.

Love me, love my butt.

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Discover kinky indulgence with a high class independent Ebony escort in London and give in to your taboo desires.. As an independent high class Ebony escort in London, I offer an experience that’s beyond compare. My perfect bottom, an inviting and juicy peachy butt, awaits your touch, while my beautiful smooth ebony skin and curves mesmerise your senses. Explore the realms of desire, from gentle caresses to exhilarating spanking encounters. Unveil a world where passion and elegance intertwine seamlessly, as you succumb to the allure of a beautiful high class independent ebony escort embrace your kinky submissive side with me. 

Explore the epitome of sensual delight with a high class independent Ebony Escort in London who knows how to satisfy your every desire. As a high class independent ebony escort in London, I am your gateway to an unforgettable encounter with a beautiful exotic companion. Admire my perfect bottom, a true masterpiece that begs for your touch. Delve into the realm of spanking, indulging your desires with a peachy butt that’s simply irresistible. My beautiful smooth ebony skin accentuates every curve, inviting you to a world of pleasure and intimacy. Let’s create a moment that lingers, where passion and satisfaction intertwine seamlessly and you will remember your encounter wit a high class independent Ebony companion with a warm smile on your face and the image of worshipping me on you knees for a lifetime. 

Ass worship. Why not?

Can I tell you a bit of a pervy secret?  I’m sure I can – we’re all friends here.

Here’s the thing: I love stubble. The texture of it against my skin, the gentle scratching and nuzzling. Particularly when that stubbly face is rubbing snugly up into my most intimate place.

Have I mentioned before how much I love ass worship? Call it what you like: bottom, bum, ass, arse – all the same to me as long as your face is buried right in it. Ass worship is one of my favourite things – partly for the stubble, I won’t lie. It’s a gorgeous sensation: gentle roughness that adds to the naughtiness and taboo of having someone’s face pressed deep into me.

I like to lie on my stomach, back arched slightly to present my bottom in just the right position – pretty as a picture, and all ready for you to push your nose and mouth into.   I have a pretty lovely butt, round and smooth and just right for worshipping, smothering, snuggling and nuzzling.   I’m often told that it’s perfectly peachy, and I adore lying on the bed with it presented beautifully for someone. There’s nothing that makes me happier than a guy who wants to bury his face in it, feeling my warm cheeks press against his face.  

Perhaps it’s partly the taboo – after all, we’re so often told that the bottom is a no-go area, despite it being one of the sexiest parts.

Discover the epitome of sensual luxury with a high class independent London Ebony Escort, an embodiment of elite  elegance and high class allure. As an independent Ebony companion in London, I offer an experience that celebrates every beautiful curve of mine and the art of connection. Indulge in the pleasure of exploring a perfect juicy bottom, embracing the allure of a peachy butt that begs for your touch. With beautiful smooth ebony skin that hints at mystery, each moment becomes a canvas for desire. Let me guide you through the realms of temptation, from the gentle caress to the thrill of spanking, as we delve into a world where your fantasies are given life against the backdrop of London’s vibrant energy.

 This London’s high-class independent ebony escort and companion – oozes sophistication, unapologetic desires, and a touch of enigma. But hold on, it’s not your usual scenario. She’s not just a high class independent London ebony escort, she’s ready to unwrap your deepest fantasies.

Feeling the itch to explore those submissive body worship fantasies? Imagine more than just a meal or an escapade – think enchanting encounters. This London high-class independent ebony escort and companion is your invitation to a whole new kinky world. Get ready to take the plunge, and claim your spot in a realm of submission, pleasure, and exhilarating escapades.

When I'm a domme,

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

 I love to use my perfect peachy butt to smother the face of the guy I’m with: pressing down onto him and intoxicating him with the scent and the sensation and the sexiness. Sometimes teasing with my butt crack just out of reach, and they think if they stick their tongue out far enough they’ll be rewarded with the taste of my warm skin. Sometimes going all-out as if I’m trying to suffocate them with the decadent joy of having my arse pressed right up against them, until they’re red-faced and gasping for air.

When I’m in a submissive mood, I love indulging in aftercare that focuses purely on my round bottom – men inspecting it closely, parting my cheeks and running their hands all over it. Squeezing and rubbing and kissing me all better after a spanking.

I got a little distracted didn't I?

I was telling you about stubble. I think some guys are nervous if they have slight stubble – they don’t want to scratch me or seem too rough. But just as there’s nothing to feel nervous of with the taboo of bottom worship, so there’s nothing to worry about if you have a five o’clock shadow – or more! In truth I adore the texture of it just as much as I love the naughtiness of butt worship. After all, my body truly can’t be worshipped enough…

And if you yearn to experience these taboo delights in real life, well, you know what to do… 

London’s high-class independent ebony escort and companion – the kind of phrase that’s a promise of sophistication mixed with a healthy dose of adventure. But with this high-class independent ebony escort and companion you’re not just having a. routine booking, you’re in a world where fantasies transform to vibrant reality. She’s not just an independent high class ebony companion she’s that beautiful elite ebony fantasy that’ll fulfil your desires.

Feeling that craving to turn your fantasies into a tangible experiences? Be it a laid-back mealtime meetup or a thrilling escapade, this high-class independent ebony escort and companion in London isn’t just another option; she’s the door to a new world. So, don’t let this opportunity slide – grab it, and let her show you a side of charm you’ve never seen. Ready to make those memories? Go ahead, book your spot. 

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Step into the world of kinky power play and body worship with London’s high-class independent ebony escort and companion  Kio Jones. – Beyond her mesmerising beauty, she effortlessly thrives as the quintessential breakfast, lunch, and dinner date high-class independent ebony escort and companion. 

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Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

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