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Ramble, ramble, ramble.

One of my favourite sayings that I’ve loved since I was a child is: ‘If wishes were horses, beggars would ride’.  It’s wonderfully sad.  Well in the time of Corona, my personal revised version totally applied: ‘If well wishes were horses, I’d have a cornucopia of Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Shires…all sorts, except they’d be lame.  

That is all I will say regarding this matter!  

 It’s far too late to waffle on now about the past month!  I had actually written, (word has just had the sheer audacity to post a ‘clarity and conciseness’ warning here!) a very heartfelt, panicked and somewhat in despair blog post around March.  Thankfully, it will never see the light of day but let’s just say that a disintegration and reawakening has occurred that I’m mostly keeping to myself.  Reason being, It’s private and of no benefit to anyone. 
 As we have weathered most of the storm, (excluding the tens of thousands dead), the self-pitying moans of the forcibly isolated have quietened, (including mine), this is both a thank you and a what the hell is happening next, blog.  Perhaps. 
‘A brief aside!’ sounds like a bdsm trash romance set in a law firm doesn’t it?  ‘He wondered what tantalising delectation her whip would bring forth, shivering naked in his chambers’.  Or a a lingerie model pose!  “Okay Kim, brief aside now please!”  
 Btw, lawyers love to think they’re interesting. Sadly they are not! Scarily good at bringing me to a swift orgasm though!  Years of just talking and talking and talking must account for this deftness of tongue…IT guys run a close second (to being generally uninteresting, not the orgasm thing) and consultants…what good are they to man or beast? 
Obviously exceptions apply to the aforementioned professions…

Ah yes, I’ve also vowed to be super positive from now on too!  Taking up some past times which will promote physical and mental well being.  People, and life in general, do contain really toxic aspects.  Desperately in need of some respite.  We all are truth be told. 

Wish me luck as I will need it.

Many heartfelt thanks!

In the current climate, receiving tangible kindness and thoughtfulness is a great gift.  There are so many adversities and challenges because of this pandemic that has altered daily life, work and economies globally.  Having friends that work in different sectors and with heart breaking family situations, I understand that the situation for me is far better and less emotional than many I know. 

 Someone very kind and special reached out financially during this time and for this act I am beyond thankful!  A kind, thoughtful and supportive person is indeed a rare find.  In all areas of life it appears that the criminally dim, thoughtless and mean-spirited dominate!

Working part time and being quite low volume (I truly wish I had a higher tolerance level towards nonsense) means that not being able to work has been extremely challenging, especially with the added pressures of university work and exams.  Expecting a client to take care of me didn’t enter my mind.  Obviously they have their own work and family issues but the fact that he did will never be forgotten! 

 I’m eternally grateful that very special clients exist.  Ones that do actually care about us as people and will help, unasked, with no strings attached.  I hope that I will continue to stumble along the path of such altruistic and caring individuals that care about my future as well as their…you know!

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Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

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