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Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Beautiful times ahead!

It is such a beautiful day today, so hot and sunny! Helping us to forget, just a little, the terrible times of the last few months!  I’m going out for a little bit of shopping and meeting family for a quick lunch, I hope I do not melt!

I have had so many adventures, experiences and wonderful memories of the past year and also very excited for what the future holds work wise and study wise in the year ahead.  En route to post graduate study, I really have learnt and changed a lot of things about myself, my goals and of course, working. 

I have had plenty of other things in my ‘normal’ life that have kept me occupied.  Thanks to a special person and friends and family, I am really looking forward to life returning to some kind of normality, the type of rhythm that existed before the virus! 

I was lucky enough to get away from London for a couple of days which was beautiful.  When you live in London you think it’s the centre of the UK?  Other cities are barren and devoid of culture, nightlife, lovely shops (!), when in actuality, they have all of these plus scenery, greenery, beaches and fresh air!  In the future I will broaden my options in terms of settling down and living.  I don’t want to live in a shoe box forever!  Fortuitously, just before I left, I was contacted by a lovely favourite (I may have a few favourites!) to meet very soon and for hours! Hurrah!

Being a companion’s favourite client isn’t difficult if you are genuinely interested and care about them and do not see this as some kind of past time in which to spend time gossiping!  There are much more exciting and pleasurable things to be doing with one’s time.  Gentlemen are the ones who see this as it should be; a little private escape in which to explore, unwind and enjoy. Fortunately for me, these are the majority that I attract.

So anyway, it appears that September was a ridiculously distant time in which to resume companionship again and luckily others agree too!  Four months is a quarter of a year for goodness sake!  A hell of a long time!  Have a few select clients I will see in August which is lovely, I’ve missed sex so much and have so much lingerie that I actually need (yes need) to show off in person!  I absolutely am in love with my green ID Sarrieri set I’m wearing.  I have a new addiction I cannot afford!  Quarantine has been kind to my body, which is my nonsensical justification for this habit.

Lastly, (as one uses in a mediocre and sub par essay), I have vowed to write much better and focused blogs!  I think the next one will be about my bush, you can’t get more focused than that, but would love to write about my favourite dates of the past year but don’t think this is very discreet.  I may write instead about bucket list places I want to visit here and abroad!  That would be a much better idea I think…

Some dates though, have not been the best but definitely very memorable and truly funny!  I had a client whose sounds when he came were deafening, I’d consider them bellows rather than groans and I genuinely feared for my eardrums!  Another came to the hotel dressed as some kind of pseudo police officer?

The tales I could tell you!

Or maybe not.

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Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

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