Sure, sex is great.

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

A romantic extended date though? A whole different ball game. Pun intended.

The art of romance is one that should always be cherished!  Romance can be hot, quick and filthy; as simple as a wink, a flipped-up hem, an eyebrow arched in invitation.  It’s the glitter of streetlights glimpsed from the window of a black cab, the buzz of your name appearing on my phone screen, the pressure of your thumb on my lip.   I honestly believe that the most unforgettable dates begin outside of the bedroom.  We exchange flirty whispers and touches over a meal, our appetites building before we bring those whispers to life. 

They are an unrivalled way to truly get to know someone.  In this arena, when you find the perfect pairing and both parties treat the experience like a traditional date but without any of the associated complications, it is a wonderful experience.  Of course, simply physical meets have their place and can scratch an itch, but to truly get under another person’s skin, time is of the essence and allows for the creation of life long memories!

I remember my first whole day date, around 6 months into being Kio and so I was tremendously excited!  The highlight was lunch at a classic British restaurant.  It specialises in seafood and school dinner type afters, with a bright pinky red exterior, (I can’t be bothered to google it, so much for memorable!) and was located around Shaftesbury Avenue.  The gentleman I spent the day with was a frisky, booming type and during lunch was extremely interested in the diners behind us, similarly booming.  I assume they were important. He also introduced me to the staff as his niece celebrating her exam success!  I do love a public humiliation roleplay.  What stands out the most about this day of revelations, was on leaving. We’d just collected our coats and I complimented the staff to him, they were beautiful women with exceptional hospitality.  My date explained their friendliness to me as due to them, “just wanting to see my c***!”

Unsure at this point, if he was telling a joke I didn’t understand, I soon understood it wasn’t.  He triumphantly yet wistfully continued to gaze at them, revealing this was indeed, his truth!  I have to admit this statement was genuinely earth shattering to me. A reality I never thought existed.  Up until this point in my life it never occurred to me that any aged gentlemen would believe women looked at them whilst imagining their penis?  I was quite taken aback and had to excuse myself to the downstairs bathroom where I sat for a while, trying to both absorb this information, and pinpoint its origin.  Needless to say I was privy to a few more fascinating and unforgettable gems that day.  This probably accounts for my not being able to recall the name of the restaurant!

The characters that I meet in this world are so diverse and I cannot imagine an endeavour where you interact with such different people and personalities.  From the perfect gentlemen, the kind and thoughtful souls, to the bizarrely eccentric, the unfiltered and the slightly touched.  Each have added something to my understanding of the human condition!  Even bad dates can be good, I do love to laugh and enjoy meeting unusual people as well as the conventional!

To me, romance isn’t all champagne and red roses, nor is it off the cuff remarks regarding women’s unrelenting lust for random penises. If you can tread the gulf between the two, would simply like to share a similarly ‘aha!’ type moment, or indeed know where I went and would like me to relive this experience (sans revelations), do get in touch

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Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

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