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Why so long?

Are you a client or a silent observer who follows companions on social media?  In whichever camp you are, I’m sure you have seen the phenomenon that is companion birthdays!  Unlike the general populace, many of us take the very wise decision to celebrate the entire month!  I’m certain that similarly to me when I first joined twitter, the following thoughts have run through your mind whilst scrolling: 

‘Why on earth are they celebrating the entire bloody month?…Is this a religious thing?…Jeez, they love asking for gifts’.  

Well dear reader, I invite you to discover my reasoning as to why some of us celebrate ALL month.  It’s a time in which we honour ourselves, acknowledge gratitude, or perhaps for the petty, it’s a simple barometer of whose emails will be joyfully ignored for the next year. 


Birthdays are always a cause for celebration.  Do you remember when you were very young how important ‘halfs’ were?  I’m X and a half, we’d say proudly.  In our own way, we acknowledged the blessing that comes with ageing and transitioning from one milestone to a hopefully wiser one. The last year having been filled with achievements and growing responsibility. 

 In this secretive world, curating emotional and physical experiences abound. Half lives are lived and there is a constant balancing of our ‘real life’ versus the work facade.  One always suffers!  The mental energy needed to control what is behind the curtain, what is centre stage, and all this skillfully covered by a sleight of hand (though there always those that try to pry open the curtains).  It’s tiring! 

Celebrating our birthdays becomes a welcome moment to relax a little, reflect on our achievements, relish the fact that we have lasted and are taking steps towards where we want to be.  For me, now firmly planted in my thirties and still here?  Well that is a reason why everyone needs to bring out the fireworks.

The whole damn month? Yes.

 It’s a wonderful opportunity for clients to get back in touch with us, whether through a simple happy birthday message or email, sending a gift card or presenting a thoughtful gift on a date.  To know that we’ve crossed your mind makes us feel like the person we are, rather than a service you once sought.  A client or admirer that has taken the time to make a companion feel valued and appreciated is something I’m very thankful to have had.

Within this realm we are constantly creating safe, fulfilling and welcoming spaces. Companions have to connect with a gamut of personality types in a wide range of social and intimate situations and often on our feet!  I’ve had dates with wonderful clients and I do classify the gentlemen I meet as either transients, semi transients, the somewhat attached and the eternally devoted.  Which kind I prefer is not the topic of this blog, but to make certain that my birthday month is known by all of the above, I. Will. Tweet The. Whole. Damn. Month.

Recognition and connection

While birthdays are a milestone we naturally share with family, friends, and co-workers, in our ‘normal’ life, celebrating this milestone in the sex worker world becomes doubly important.  Why shouldn’t we create and have a month where our wants and wishes have the potential to come true?   Some companions, for a variety of reasons, are not in close contact with friends or family or have had an upbringing where birthdays weren’t as cherished as they could have been. 

 Celebrating online and receiving the well wishes of peers is recognition in itself.  You never can tell the personal circumstances behind the ‘life’ you see online and it’s a perfect time to say I appreciate you.  Take it from me, that receiving tangible kindness does make a big difference to someone’s day! 


I want to say a huge thank you to the clients and well wishers who treated me this month.  I appreciate the gestures more than words can say. 

  I hope this gives a little insight into why we love to celebrate our birthdays and why clients, even the transients, should join in too!  It isn’t simply asking for gifts, but a call to those who are kind, thoughtful, understanding and enjoy making other people extremely happy.  Why not hand someone a little joy.  

  •  And on that note, please find my birthday wishlist, which is now my Christmas wish list, here!  Though if you are a curious person, why not discover whether you will become a transient, semi transient, somewhat attached or eternally devoted client by filling in the form below!  Think of it as a fully immersive Myers-Briggs test, but far more fun.

Further Reading

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

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Further Reading

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

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