Pleasure may be fleeting, but there are no shortcuts to an authentic connection.  

I’m very selective and carefully cherry-pick gentleman with whom I sense a real potential connection.  I’ve always gravitated towards a mature, intelligent and confident gentlemen with life experience under their belts. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a veteran lover with impeccable manners and a playbook of wish-I’d-been-there anecdotes.  

More than that: generosity, humour and kindness are my every-season must-haves. Oh, and if you can make me laugh, I’ll be putty in your hands.

Why don’t we spend an unrushed night together, or a few hours getting to know each other in the best way possible?  Whatever you decide, let me know.  

The fine print

I screen using real world professional information and can only accept references from companions I have met.  I am more than happy to provide one to you on request if our date was within the last 12 months.  Please let me know before passing on my details. 

Deposits are always required as a confirmation of our date.  

Mutual privacy and confidentiality is of the upmost importance to me.  I do not disclose or use professional information given in the screening process.  

Please bear in mind that my availability is limited and I only get the opportunity to see new suitors a few times a month. Pre booking is the best way for us to meet!

What I love about this life is placing value on the time I have here.  I choose to spend it wisely.  Getting to know someone and sharing a physical and mental chemistry makes companionship personally fulfilling.  Same day and one hour date requests aren’t ones I usually accept.   

Why not? Well…

Delve a little deeper.

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