As an ebony dinner date companion in London, I adore dates at high class restaurants. 

Indulge and escape

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Extended dates!

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Romance isn’t all champagne and red roses, but a gorgeous bouquet is never an unwelcome surprise!  

Romance can be hot, quick and filthy; as simple as a wink, a flipped-up hem, an eyebrow arched in invitation.  It’s the glitter of streetlights glimpsed from the window of a black cab, the buzz of your name appearing on my phone screen, the pressure of your thumb on my lip.  Unforgettable dates begin outside of the bedroom, as we exchange flirty whispers and touches, our appetites building before we bring those whispers to life.

Come dine on me - £800

A four hour affair where we’ll talk until the sky fades to pink, revelling in one another as we undress each other with our eyes.  Of course, I enjoy amazing food (who doesn’t?) and keep my eyes peeled for spots that tread the line between elegant and salt of the earth.  

 One of the things I love most about London is uncovering secret haunts and undiscovered gems – introduce me to your favourite, I’ll be forever in your debt.  Raised in a ‘vibrant’ part of the city, I’d love to show you my London – tiny restaurants, buzzing bars and family-run delis you believed didn’t exist anymore.  You can keep your Michelin stars! *

* Though I will never refuse a dinner date invitation at a Michelin starred restaurant!

Let's do lunch!

Luxury gfe dinner date escort

A Luscious Lunch date-£600

A three hour tantalising balance of flirtation and action.  Let’s savour each other in this pitch perfect dalliance!  Have you ever been seated next to a couple who either stare blankly at one another in silence or have nothing to exchange but nervous giggles?  That won’t be us.  

Don’t expect a shrinking violet.  As a multifaceted young woman, I am sassy, flirty, sophisticated… in other words, an ideal date! 

Perfectly discreet, I am the perfect companion for any event you have in mind.

I also love getting to know new friends in relaxed or exclusive atmospheres.  I love to laugh and have a knack for finding the fun in every situation.  Down-to-earth but elite, discerning but daring, an intoxicating blend of quiet confidence and bold sensitivity.  While I speak my mind, I’m a committed listener and spirited conversationalist. 

Outside of dinner dates, I also love spending time in the company of gentlemen who adore the theatre, art galleries, or simply, decadent afternoons in  a luxury Central London hotel, our hot bodies entwined in crisp white sheets

Ready to arrange our rendez vous?

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Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London