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Elite GFE Ebony Escort in London

I’m very selective and carefully cherry-pick gentleman with whom I sense a real potential connection.

Perhaps because I’m so curious, I often seek mature, professional suitors with a bit of life experience under their belts. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a veteran lover with impeccable manners and a playbook of wish-I’d-been-there anecdotes. More than that: generosity, humour and kindness are my every-season must-haves. Oh, and if you can make me laugh, I’ll be putty in your hands.

Nothing will fully prepare you for the exhilaration of our encounter, but as a student myself, I truly admire a gentleman who goes beyond a quick glance over the Cliff’s notes before our meeting.  Read my rambling blogs, sparse sanitised tweets, ask questions. Get to know me. I’ll do the same for you. Pleasure may be fleeting, but there are no shortcuts to an authentic connection.

The best way to know me?  Meet me in person. 


Seek a piece of happiness, get in touch and put a date in your diary.

Screening and etiquette


My screening process ensures we both feel safe, secure and comfortable and is essential for an open, uninhibited and safe date.

Of course, your privacy and confidentiality is of the upmost importance to me.  Provided information is for my eyes only, and deleted after our encounter. Please provide:

A copy of your official ID

Verifiable employment information, for example, a LinkedIn profile or similar.

A selection of dates and times you’d like us to meet. 

Please bear in mind that my availability is incredibly limited and I only get the opportunity to see new suitors a few times a month. 

When you have a date in mind, please send an introductory email with your screening information to: kiorose@protonmail.com. 

If you are uncomfortable with my screening process, please do not email me with your preferred personal version. There is no compulsion in this world and you are free to find a companion who suits your needs.


Patronage should be made available at the beginning of our meeting. If we are meeting in public, it can be placed in a gift bag, a book, or go ahead and surprise me!

If we meet behind closed doors, it should be placed somewhere visible and within the first five minutes of us meeting.

 I will be freshly groomed and polished every time we meet and naturally, expect the same from you.

Hygiene is extremely important to me.  If I am meeting at your location, please be freshly showered. If you choose an incall date, you must take a shower. This is totally non negotiable. 

If you’d like to extend the date past the arranged time, just ask! Naturally, extended dates must be compensated accordingly.

I am extremely careful with my sexual health and well aware of what constitutes risky sexual behaviour.  I have regular checks, as should we all. Life is short, why take the risk to lead an unhealthy one? 

Demonstrating, or indeed, even hinting at wanting uncovered penetration along with other unsafe sexual contact will immediately bring our meeting to a swift end.

Elite GFE Ebony Escort in London

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