Your questions. My answers.

The hottest dates are the ones where we’re on the same page

Every tryst has its own fine-details. But some universal conditions apply to all of my services. It’s how I work. 

Being clearer than a perfectly cut five-carat diamond sets the scene for a sublimely relaxed and enjoyable time once we’re together. 

The most asked questions.

Sometimes a simple yes or no is enough.

Can I book an incall? Yes. (Read on for more details.)

Do you do outcalls? Yes. (Full details below.)

Do you do same day bookings? No.

Can I book a one-hour date? No.

Do you party? No.

Do you do doubles? Yes, see who I love to play with.

Will you need a deposit? Yes.

Qs that need fuller A's.

And sometimes the more said, the better.

When can I see you?

Mondays and Tuesdays are date days. I love having something thrilling to look forward to at the start of the week. These days also fit perfectly with my other life commitments. (Friends, real-life job, study, you get the picture. Requests to see me on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays may be possible with at least 2 weeks notice.

Weekend getaways are available: if we’ve already met and my schedule allows.

Please understand that I have limited availability. Opportunities for first-time dates with new friends can only happen once or twice a month. So if we’re yet to meet, message me (around) a week before your available date.

What’s your incall and outcall set up?

I have a small collection of favourite four- and five-star hotels across the city. I’ll arrange a room at one of these if you request an incall. A contribution to the room rate is needed. I’ll confirm this at the time of your booking. 

For outcalls, I’m happy to travel anywhere within London. I’ve lived here all my life, yet there are beguiling parts of the city I’m still to discover and exquisite rooms to enjoy with the right person.

You’ll find more details about my incall and outcall setup, along with the dates I offer here.

What’s your screening process?

I like to keep it simple and use real world information. What I ask for depends if you’re booking is an incall or outcall.

For outcalls: All I need is your legal first and surname, the name of your hotel and your room number.

For incalls: Please send me:

your legal first and surname

a link to your LinkedIn account, company website, or profile page on a company website

a photo of some official ID (passport, drivers licence, work ID card). 

You may blur everything out except for you name, then email it to me at

If I can’t easily cross-check your identity, I’ll have to turn you down on this occasion. I’ll never risk my safety by agreeing to meet someone who doesn’t meet my screening requirements.

Extra note: I don’t accept references from other providers as part of my screening. 

However, for those companions who do, I’m reference friendly. As long as we’ve met in the last 12 months.

Please let me know that you need a reference before putting my name forward.

What will you wear to our date?

I always dress for the occasion. You’ve no need to fear that I might rock up in designer evening wear for a lunch date in Soho. (London is famously open-minded, but even here, there are limits.) 

My style is smart-casual, plus heels. I feel most comfortable wearing timeless fashions that suit the season, and reserve the show stopping outfits for those very, very, very opulent dates. A visit to my Twitter timeline will give you more of a feel for my look.

The money bit. How do we do that?

A £200 deposit secures your booking. Send this using Cash App or via a bank transfer. The balance of your investment can be: 

gifted in cash on the date

sent by Cash App or transfer, to arrive at least three hours before our date is due to start.

If you prefer to use cash, please place it in a greetings card or in an envelope in a gift bag. Place it where I can see it at the start of our date.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Honestly, this is the worst ‘c’ word I know.

While I’ll be disappointed we can’t meet as planned, I understand that life happens. If you need to cancel our date, this is how I‘ll manage that.

We rearrange our date within two months of the original booking. Your deposit is rolled over to your rearranged booking.

Please note that if you need to cancel our rearranged date:

none of your £200 deposit is refunded

a fresh booking and deposit payment will need to be made if you would like to arrange another date.

This is my non-negotiable approach to cancellations. Please keep this in mind when booking.

What should I order for you at the bar?

I appreciate the skills of a talented mixologist during a late lunch or evening date. I’ll have a refreshing, non-alcoholic cocktail please. (I prefer fruity or spicy flavours, just FYI.) 

If we’re breakfasting or lunching, then a soya milk latte or sparkling water would be divine.

Feeling more confident?

Let’s make the most of your time away from the every day.

Get in touch.

Kio Jones is an Elite companion and high class luxury independent model. The authentic High class independent provider in London.

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Kio Jones is a high calibre Independent escort in London.  An Elite Educated escort and English High class Companion.  She offers an Elite incall and outcall service for affluent gentlemen who expect the finest life has to offer. A genuine top class companion, she revels in providing gfe and kinky high class experiences.

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