Kio Jones

An exotic wild rose.

You must be tired of mindlessly swaying to the dull rhythm of meetings and deadlines. 

Isn’t it time you danced to the beat of your heart for once?

They say anticipation is better than the real thing.  Let me change your mind.  If you’re seeking pleasure that turns tides and alters your perspective, look no further.  I’m Kio Jones, the missing link between the sweet-faced new girl in town and the bona fide siren you’ve been lusting after from afar.  Hailing from London and calling this amazing city home, I’m a product of my environment and reflect it to a tee – a bundle of flirty contradictions, cultured, charismatic, fast-paced, open-hearted, and never taking myself seriously. 

 We’ll easily slip into the best kind of intimacy.

 You’ll feel as if we’ve met before. 

 My exotic looks and warm, vibrant personality is the perfect antidote if you’ve had your fill of plain cookie – cutter and hunger for a different taste.  After all, total immersion in vanilla, and not so vanilla, escapades is what you daydream about.  Let’s stray from tedious expectations and make space for our most secret needs. 

 Eternally studying at an elite university, alongside interning in my dream field, I’ve heard a little learning is a dangerous thing but the true menace is ignorance – of other people, of the world and most importantly, of ourselves.  It’s sad how many exist at a remove, denying yourself the wild eroticism of the unexpected?

You may be well versed, but perhaps a little out of practice,

  in laughter, indulgence, and passion.  I provide it in spades. 

 This world draws fascinating people from amazing backgrounds and our stories make us.  Talking over a meal until the sky fades to pink, revelling in one another’s company as we undress each other with our eyes, is a perfect pastime before playtime.  Sensual touches, flirtatious glances, gentle gasps and playful remarks, build your appetite before we create a desert not found on any menu.

Ensure you step back into a part of your life you’ve neglected for far too long.

 Take a chance to live in the moment and feel at ease with a woman who delights in watching your eyes light up as you share your passions.  Who loves to laugh and make love, is made for rumpled sheets and your hotel suite, decadent breakfasts in bed against a perfect London sunrise…I’ll make you remember who you really are. 

Life is not a dress rehearsal,

so I believe in stripping down to the bare essentials wherever possible.  In total seriousness: our moments together will be full of sensuous adventures and exhilarating experiences, ensuring your days are infused with the freeing eroticism you deserve.  It’s time you met a woman who instinctively knows what you need and with whom you’ll know that the best is yet to come.  

 I'll make your heart skip a beat.

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