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Independent London Companion

Making your Mondays and Tuesdays feel amazing.

The start of the week has a bad reputation. Even in our treasured London, which you know is a twenty-four-seven playground of pleasure. But when Monday rolls around so does a dragging, heavy feeling. And do you know what?  

I don’t love that feeling. 

I want excitement at the start of my week. An encounter so energised and delicious that it sparks memories that dance a smile on my lips,

So how about a little school night fun?

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Breaking the routine of reality.

Companionship isn’t my only profession. As much as I’d love it to be, I have a ‘regular’ career just like you. Granted, I don’t run or manage a company in the city but I have other responsibilities and a work-life routine. I enjoy it. But I don’t let it rule me. Sometimes, I have to escape it. 

That role—and probably the role you have day-to-day—doesn’t let me explore all that I am: a confident, open-minded woman in her 30s who enjoys mature company, light yet thoughtful conversation, and free-flowing connection.

Embracing that side of me is important. It’s liberating. I need the occasions that require me to dress up and show off my 34-inch legs and cute derriere. I delight in exploring the city’s small yet intimate restaurants and crave to know what’s behind those ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs. 

In short, I thrive on dipping into what my everyday life doesn’t allow.

If you believe you have to restrict certain parts of who you are because “that’s life,” then I feel you. But you know as well as I do that it doesn’t always have to be that way. And so I invite you to come and enjoy some start-of-the-week fun with me. Let’s turn Mondays and Tuesdays in this beautiful city into our new weekend.

 A time where we will escape the tangle of emotions and demands that we have to face on a day-to-day basis.

Start your week right.

Take the first step! Book a date with a high class ebony London companion!

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Independent London escort Kio Jones invites you to meet for a London date to remember

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