Vanilla sex is just as satisfying as kinky sex.

The joy of (vanilla) sex.

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

So, between you and me, facilitating pleasure is something I take very seriously.  It’s a completely clinical word for sure, but its etymology regardless of it’s overtone, is the right one; to make easy, render less difficult.  

Is this evident in the initial contact stage with me?   Not at all, if you were to ask the ’look at sexy photos and call the number without reading a thing’ segment of the client population, which is entirely deliberate.  But once the necessary sifting and sorting of the serious from the fantasists is over, the real fun starts.  Planning our time together.

You see, pleasure in all its forms involves self-awareness, adaptability, curiosity and vulnerability. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, putting into words your needs to me, a virtual, very sexy stranger.  It is a huge compliment, and one I adore returning.  

Human connection

One thing that strikes me about the suitors I meet is the consideration, intentionality and planning these gentlemen have put into their decision.  We both have our personal experiences, innate likes, and as I told a suitor recently, personal ‘vibes’ (I’m yet to find a better word than vibes!) that we bring with us.

  And so, leading up to our date, unearthing needs and desires is so important.  Knowing these becomes key to facilitating a fulfilling experience that satisfies the two of us. An encounter filled with adventure, passion and acceptance is absolutely everything.  

Though I have to say, in response to my gently probing questions, I’ve often received variations of ”oh nothing exciting, I just like vanilla” conveyed in a somewhat slightly shamefaced tone.

It’s as if confessing to wanting a vanilla intimate encounter is far too ordinary, especially when faced with the chance to indulge in an imagined superior cornucopia of sexual delights.  As though wanting a sexual experience without ‘kink’ is disappointing, or something to feel embarrassed about. 

 I would like to change your mind on this.

Vanilla sex with me is an ever changing, melt in your mouth, or hand, kind of experience. You’ll discover that it’s extremely satisfying on its own and with added accoutrements! 

The more kinky encounters...

I indulge in always contain the fundamentals of authentic vanilla sex – passion, humour, warmth, a desire to want to physically please and have this reciprocated. These are what make my dates…mouth-watering. They’re vital ingredients that all memorable kink or vanilla dates contain.

As a woman with a very sweet tooth, it’s funny that in the culinary world, vanilla is also thought of as being something unadventurous and plain.  Definitely not the first choice in a sweet, dessert or ice cream of someone with a sophisticated, worldly palate!  

Sweets which incorporate exotic flavours and ingredients, often contain vanilla (my gosh if the seo purpose of this blog was vanilla!) but even then it’s rarely given the importance it deserves. It languishes sadly in the background while the ‘exciting’ flavours take centre stage.  Perhaps it’s silently waiting for a real connoisseur to notice it’s there and give it the attention it deserves, that’s what I like to think. 

I reckon that people who think vanilla is boring, both in flavour and sexual tastes, haven’t experienced how good vanilla can be. It’s an absolutely gorgeous flavour and far more complex than its given credit for.   

Take it from me,

 a spice that’s quite difficult to grow successfully can’t be considered ordinary.  It takes a complicated and difficult process that requires specific locations, pollinators, climate or else it won’t flourish, thereby denying you the pleasure of laying your eager little hands on it. Sound familiar? 

Authentic vanilla is luxurious, exotic and seduces the tongue like nothing else. Many off the shelf sweet treats don’t actually contain the genuine seed, but an artificial, watered down, generic version of the real thing. I mean, have you sampled a cake or pastry without it? It’s absence is noticeable and what’s left is ultimately unsatisfying and wholly forgettable. 

Vanilla takes a certain kind of dedication and planning that not everyone can commit to. Though I would say that a unique something dedicated to spreading sheer oral pleasure is worth the trouble and expense.   After all, an authentic intimate encounter, whether vanilla or not, isn’t easy to cultivate either. 

Of course,

I’m more than happy (and able) to slip easily into a variety of sensual scenarios, but do wonder why vanilla sex has come to mean boring sex?  A mundane, middle of the road and to be frank, lesser relative of kink.

 Most, if not all, sexual activities that fall under the umbrella of ‘vanilla’ when done with passion, energy and relish, easily rival the perceived naughtiness of ‘kink’. A vanilla experience is just as intense and ‘naughty’ as those perceived to stray from sexual normalcy.  Vanilla sex easily stands its ground when compared to kink. 

I’m sure you agree, and if you don’t, changing your mind will be a hell of a lot of fun! 

Summer break!

So far this has been a wonderfully exciting summer, filled with vanilla, and not so vanilla, luxurious dates.  Thank you to the gents who’ve treated me to many exciting first experiences (that I may blog about in my break!) that really did provide a much appreciated contrast to my ‘normal’ work.

Ever the planner, I have scheduled a retreat into my own little pod for the month of August to finally finish my redecorating projects at a leisurely pace. If you would like to help with my plans giftcards from John Lewis would make a much appreciated gift! 

 But before that, I would love to make the most of the summer heat together before my brief break.  Escaping the sun in a cool gallery, ice cream and champagne (for you!) in bed, or maybe you’re a man who likes to take the reigns… 

Allow me to remind you of the simple satisfaction to be found in sharing time and space with someone you just ‘vibe’ with.  

Not into web forms?

More of a freehand man? Lay out your date plans and personal details send them over to my inbox:

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The authentic self

The 'authentic' self.

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

There is an energy, a revitalisation and awakening,

that falls on you through action. Instead of living at a remove, be more mindful of what your actions, emotions and needs are and tend to them.  We are blind to the ways in which we rob ourselves of precious moments that could be spent nurturing and fulfilling our desires.  

Life today is fast, complex, rigid and we are tied to our responsibilities.  Our time and our capacity for happiness is minute, leaving us feeling exhausted, distracted and somehow this is seen as an acceptable state of being. Well it certainly isn’t! We are still existing through strange times, where other people are considered a threat to our health, contradictory and irrational advice permeates our lives and the spectres of exhaustion, distraction and worry are hidden behind resigned acceptance. 

Though this stressful state of being doesn’t mean we have to deny ourselves indulgence and pleasure whenever the opportunity arises. For me, companionship and the people I meet, the activity I do are very different from my academic interests and goals and are a welcome distraction.  This irritating (to me) youthful ‘exuberance’ which comes out in everything I do in this world, I think occurs to counteract the heaviness of my ‘real’ pursuits. 

Thinking back to  wonderful times I had during summer, it struck me that everyone needs an escape.   A path that leads to creating moments in time to switch off, undertake something new with someone new, step outside of expectations and the humdrum for a while.

But which is the authentic self? The one that we show day to day or the one that is hidden even to ourselves.   As a lover of quotes there is this wonderful Japanese proverb which explains this conundrum we live so well: “The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third face, you never show anyone”.


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Music for a lust filled summer!

Kio Jones

The virtuous hedonist

A summer of love or lust,

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

whichever sets your little heart on fire,

needs an accompanying soundtrack.  Margaret Atwood wrote a short story, the title of which I helpfully cannot remember,  describing the preserving power between clothing and events.  Gazing at, touching, the scent of, an old article of clothing (that you can’t bear to throw out) holds memories of people and emotions, transporting you to a special moment in time. The same holds with music.  Music elicits wonderful memories for me.  Lust, love, happiness, joy, life.

Summer feeds on sensual slices of soul.  Music that can’t help but inspire.  Needing to hold someone close under the hot summer sun, slip between crisp cool sheets, my legs intertwined with another, rest my head on a firm shoulder while  watching the world go by from a rooftop bar or café. 

These songs make me think of summer.  This is my summer soundtrack.

My sultry summer slices of soul.

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Roy Ayers

This masterpiece needs to be loudly playing while I’m sitting in the passenger seat of a convertible!  My sandaled feet on the dashboard, wind blowing through my hair, a blanket and picnic hamper in the backseat waiting to be unpacked on a secluded sandy dune…Yes.

Stay this way - Brand New Heavies

Just the best song ever written.  Full of the positivity and hope needed to shake away past regrets and disappointments.  Will be played at my funeral.  Best enjoyed on cool crisp sheets, a book in hand, the dying rays of the sun hitting my body, whiling away those long summer evenings.

JTQ with Noel McKoy - Love the Life

The video has NOT aged well, BUT thankfully the song has, like a Cabernet Franc.  Supremely flirty, technically delicious (the strings! Noel McKoy’s voice is smoked honey!) and undeniably sensual –  “after this it will be my place, a glass of wine and we can snuggle up tight”- it is the soundtrack to an evening spent catching a sunset over the London skyline with a new lover, an exotic cocktail in hand.

As an aside, wild horses could not remove me from James Taylor’s face.

Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

Pure perfection, happiness in a song. No more needs to be said. 

Astrud Gilberto With Stan Getz - Girl From Ipanema (1964)

Above all else, summer is lusciously camp.  Men in tiny short shorts on the beach, pastel blue and baby pink shirts adorn the men of the city, miniscule summer dresses, spangled bikinis, (any type of bikini really) become de rigour, daytime cocktail meets are miraculously socially acceptable and a general sense of letting loose and expelling and inhaling pheromones becomes the norm. 

 We are all the girl from Ipanema for a short while.

I am always on the lookout for a laidback soul to heat up summer with. If this is you, do get in touch!

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Sure, sex is great.


Sure, sex is great.

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

A romantic extended date though? A whole different ball game. Pun intended.

The art of romance is one that should always be cherished!  Romance can be hot, quick and filthy; as simple as a wink, a flipped-up hem, an eyebrow arched in invitation.  It’s the glitter of streetlights glimpsed from the window of a black cab, the buzz of your name appearing on my phone screen, the pressure of your thumb on my lip.   I honestly believe that the most unforgettable dates begin outside of the bedroom.  We exchange flirty whispers and touches over a meal, our appetites building before we bring those whispers to life. 

They are an unrivalled way to truly get to know someone.  In this arena, when you find the perfect pairing and both parties treat the experience like a traditional date but without any of the associated complications, it is a wonderful experience.  Of course, simply physical meets have their place and can scratch an itch, but to truly get under another person’s skin, time is of the essence and allows for the creation of life long memories!

I remember my first whole day date, around 6 months into being Kio and so I was tremendously excited!  The highlight was lunch at a classic British restaurant.  It specialises in seafood and school dinner type afters, with a bright pinky red exterior, (I can’t be bothered to google it, so much for memorable!) and was located around Shaftesbury Avenue.  The gentleman I spent the day with was a frisky, booming type and during lunch was extremely interested in the diners behind us, similarly booming.  I assume they were important. He also introduced me to the staff as his niece celebrating her exam success!  I do love a public humiliation roleplay.  What stands out the most about this day of revelations, was on leaving. We’d just collected our coats and I complimented the staff to him, they were beautiful women with exceptional hospitality.  My date explained their friendliness to me as due to them, “just wanting to see my c***!”

Unsure at this point, if he was telling a joke I didn’t understand, I soon understood it wasn’t.  He triumphantly yet wistfully continued to gaze at them, revealing this was indeed, his truth!  I have to admit this statement was genuinely earth shattering to me. A reality I never thought existed.  Up until this point in my life it never occurred to me that any aged gentlemen would believe women looked at them whilst imagining their penis?  I was quite taken aback and had to excuse myself to the downstairs bathroom where I sat for a while, trying to both absorb this information, and pinpoint its origin.  Needless to say I was privy to a few more fascinating and unforgettable gems that day.  This probably accounts for my not being able to recall the name of the restaurant!

The characters that I meet in this world are so diverse and I cannot imagine an endeavour where you interact with such different people and personalities.  From the perfect gentlemen, the kind and thoughtful souls, to the bizarrely eccentric, the unfiltered and the slightly touched.  Each have added something to my understanding of the human condition!  Even bad dates can be good, I do love to laugh and enjoy meeting unusual people as well as the conventional!

To me, romance isn’t all champagne and red roses, nor is it off the cuff remarks regarding women’s unrelenting lust for random penises. If you can tread the gulf between the two, would simply like to share a similarly ‘aha!’ type moment, or indeed know where I went and would like me to relive this experience (sans revelations), do get in touch

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Book lovers are the perfect lovers

kio jones ebony london escort and travel companion sits cheekily on a balcony in London with the st pauls skyline in the background

What kind of person are you?

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Are you that person who pretends to love books?

Or are you someone who actually loves books.  

“How can I tell Kio!” I hear you cry, desperate to know which camp you fall into.

Well.  What do your books look like?

Do you have and actually use (shudders) bookmarks?

Do you take books that you’ve read to charity shops and they accept them?

Do you sell your books online and they are in excellent condition?

Do you only read books sitting upright, turning the pages carefully so as not to crease?

When you take a break do you close your book and place it on a clean dry surface?

Do the books you own look as good as new and are in the same condition as when you bought them? (What on earth is wrong with you?)

If you answered yes to one of the questions above then you do not love books.  You pretend to.

People like you are the reason why first editions exist. They shouldn’t exist. They should have been read into oblivion by somebody who loved it.

Books and the treasures within are supposed to live in your mind.

You are supposed to read them lying down, in the bath (even doing both at the same time)

You have to spill hot beverages and drop crumbs in/on them

Turn the pages with wet fingers, dog ear the corners when you stop reading a page

Break the spine.

Drop in the bath.

They’re to be fallen asleep on and squished under your body.

If you regularly do one or more of the above activities then you love books!

(I solemnly promise that the next blog will be sexual in some way, although I do consider being a lover of books an extremely sexy trait). 

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New Year Musings

A new year...or is it?

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

A year since we first came across Covid and yet…here we still are!

What a year it’s been!  No Christmas celebrations, New Years Eve parties, birthday parties…let alone seeing friends and family and these events are just off the top of my head.  Not much has changed at all from last year which is really disheartening to realise.  In terms of the pandemic and how we have been existing?  I cannot wait for some sense of long term normalcy to return. 

 My only interest in politics is simply knowing that it is generally attracts the self serving but my God how I wish there were someone capable of actually executing a plan to permanently end this nightmare! 

 It’s been almost a year since we were first introduced to the in-out-in-out hokey cokey type response to the pandemic. The relentless ‘well we don’t really have a plan let’s just play it by deaths, and by the way you’re all responsible for the deaths of the vulnerable next slide please’ method of (not) dealing with this disease. 

Not a single day goes by without news on the economic, health and mental wellbeing impacts of the Covid pandemic.  I’m tired of worrying about it on one hand, and on the other, tired of pretending it doesn’t exist and everything is a bed of roses. SM to a tee.

The impact of this pandemic has fallen most heavily on people living in deprived neighbourhoods, in precarious or low-income employment, homeless, in abusive familial or personal relationships.  On a global scale the manufacturers and suppliers of the goods we insist on have been ravaged and poverty in developing countries could reach levels not seen for decades.  

It’s no wonder almost everyone, including superiors I honestly rely on, are visibly in some form of distress.  Many, if not most, of my friends have seen the industries they work in virtually disappear.  Some have been lucky enough to be on furlough but most are not so fortunate.  Regarding the self employed i.e. companions?  Ha! 

I do not know anyone who is not filled with anxiety and depression and it is unnatural not to feel this way, unless you are fortunate enough to have the social and economic resources and networks that buffer you from lockdown rules.  Even with this luxury, isolation from the life we had is abnormal and unprecedented.

Silver linings, etcetera etcetera.

The blessing of focus and clarity.

I can’t really state that there has been anything ‘positive’ to come from this pandemic as it is a heart breaking situation that the entire world is facing.  There are too many consequences.  Anyway, and moving on, I will try my very best to not mention Covid from now on in.  Though if the seo for this blog were ‘Covid’,  it would finally tick all the boxes on the seo checker. 

  My small positives.  Not positives per se, more things that aren’t completely negative.  Small victories are still victories. 

A renewed interest in spiritually (this took me aback-give me all the inane spirituality quotes please!)


♥ Self reflection; objectively assessing, making and beginning to act upon concrete plans for the future, rather than muttering about them.  


♥ Enforced solitude coupled with stress, are wonderful for fostering much needed time to focus on and adjust my plans and goals.


♥ Giving my client list a thoroughly good cleaning!  As a consequence of the pandemic and client communications, a lot of self cleaning was involved.  Much like the workings of a vagina.  

♥ Increasing breast size from 36B to 36D.  One veritable triumph that I am going to hold onto come hell or highwater! 

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How to enjoy London with the ideal companion

How to Enjoy London with the ideal companion

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Companionship fulfils a multitude of social and intimate needs

It can be a way to find a missing spark or passion that is missing in your day to day life.  The need to explore desires and sexual fantasies.  Though sometimes people seek out companions to simply spend time with a partner that understands your need for human connection, seduction and intimacy.  I entered this world as a university student and quickly discovered there are many misconceptions about companionship.  There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ companion or client.  That’s what makes it so exciting.

Being A Companion In London

Before the pandemic, which has altered life for many people, London was a vibrant and exciting place in which to be a companion.  It has an array of nightlife, restaurants, modern and classical art galleries and museums, beautiful parks and historic hotels,  Some of which have been the basis of many wonderful dates.  Many of my clients are familiar with the city from previous business trips and so sometimes, playing the tourist was a wonderful experience that I sorely miss.

London Date Ideas

I love art and dining out so my perfect London date would combine the two.   if I were being greedy we’d visit the National Portrait Gallery in Westminster which is a favourite of mine.  Lunch at J Sheekey, a wonderful classic British restaurant would follow and end with private time in a beautiful luxury hotel.

What Makes Me An Ideal Companion

I would say I’m quite warm, lighthearted, non-judgmental and just plain curious about people!  My degree is quite heavy so it’s nice to change tack and listen to people’s stories and life experiences without labelling them.  This world attracts fascinating people and I adore finding out what makes people tick.  Discovering why they studied the discipline they did, chose the career path they did…all useful research for me! 

Regarding intimacy, I consider experiencing pleasure, sexual exploration and having an open mind as vital to our happiness.  I revel in relaxed, intimate GFE private encounters, though consider myself vanilla with a hint of spice.  ‘Never say never’ is a wonderful mantra to live by.  Mutual respect, courtesy and communication allow this to happen.  I make my clients, feel relaxed and be able to express how they feel and how they would like our time together to unfold.

My Ideal Date & Dating Turn Offs

An ideal date would be spending time with someone interesting, courteous and respectful.  Someone who has taken the time to discover me and my interests, (we all leave breadcrumbs!) and brings a small gift, even just chocolates or a book or a card, makes me feel special!  Unlike a relationship, and knowing that our encounter is temporary, I always feel it’s best to make it as wonderful and romantic as possible. 

I don’t have many turn offs and to be honest I haven’t had any terrible dates yet, (knock on wood) but I imagine someone who has bad manners, is rude to waiting staff or unhygienic would definitely turn me off.

What Should A Gentlemen Do Prior To The Appointment?

A gentleman should approach me as he should all companions, by reading our website in full to get an idea of who we are and whether we’d be compatible. We have particular contact and screening methods detailed on our site and prospective clients must ensure they are comfortable with and can provide them.  A perfect introductory email to me would contain a little introduction, something that tells me who you are and why you’d like to meet, your screening information and a range of dates and times we can meet.  A compliment at the end never hurts!

Etiquette Rules To Follow

Just to be respectful, clean and courteous. Time is a precious commodity in life and when you have the chance to spend it with a beautiful woman in beautiful surroundings, treat it as a ‘real’ date and as such, talking about other providers is off limits.  It is, after all, a wonderful chance to escape for a while. 

Written for SimplySxy and published on December 3rd 2020.

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Natural is good for you

Ebony Escort London

A little bit of who you fancied, will do you good.

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

With all of the world on pause at the moment, our minds tend to wonder, pondering hypotheticals and unrealised fantasies. One that crossed my mind was the question “if you could be transported back in time to any era, where would you go?” Frankly though, I didn’t have to marinate on this question very long. In fact, the answer came to me in a literal heartbeat.  Without a doubt, I would go back to the 1970s.

A defining era

There was a certain elemental succulence to that era; a certain brazen sophistication combined with unabashed exuberance. Between the glittery glamour of disco and Studio 54 and the emergence of a confrontational, counter culture version of rock and roll known as punk, to the emergence of the most avant garde minds in design such as Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent and Halston, to cinema breaking new, brave grounds (both inside and outside of the now dearly departed porno theaters)…the 1970s was a time of bold, unapologetic lusciousness.  And what encapsulates that bold, unapologetic lusciousness better than a lush, full bush?

I am Woman

There is something about a full bush that symbolises something primal yet elegant and requires both haver and enjoyer to be sensually fully engaged, to take in the look, the feel, the aroma, the taste, the texture. It harkens to an awakening among women wherein we insisted that our beauty be celebrated in it’s natural state.  It wasn’t that women were granted power by men during this time, but rather that they were connecting to the power they have had since the dawn of time.  Strong and invincible, as the song goes. To me, having a natural bush continues to be a symbol of that feminine power: that verdant, natural power. 

A reciprocal feeling?

And wouldn’t you love to bask in that very same power and beauty?  Lucky for you, you’ve come across a  London’s all natural, ebony escort, with a delicious full bush that will make you pine for the days of reading Playboy, just for the informative articles of course.  I may not be able to travel back to that time. But when you spend time with me, you just might.

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Quick check in!

A quick check in!

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Beautiful times ahead!

It is such a beautiful day today, so hot and sunny! Helping us to forget, just a little, the terrible times of the last few months!  I’m going out for a little bit of shopping and meeting family for a quick lunch, I hope I do not melt!

I have had so many adventures, experiences and wonderful memories of the past year and also very excited for what the future holds work wise and study wise in the year ahead.  En route to post graduate study, I really have learnt and changed a lot of things about myself, my goals and of course, working. 

I have had plenty of other things in my ‘normal’ life that have kept me occupied.  Thanks to a special person and friends and family, I am really looking forward to life returning to some kind of normality, the type of rhythm that existed before the virus! 

I was lucky enough to get away from London for a couple of days which was beautiful.  When you live in London you think it’s the centre of the UK?  Other cities are barren and devoid of culture, nightlife, lovely shops (!), when in actuality, they have all of these plus scenery, greenery, beaches and fresh air!  In the future I will broaden my options in terms of settling down and living.  I don’t want to live in a shoe box forever!  Fortuitously, just before I left, I was contacted by a lovely favourite (I may have a few favourites!) to meet very soon and for hours! Hurrah!

Being a companion’s favourite client isn’t difficult if you are genuinely interested and care about them and do not see this as some kind of past time in which to spend time gossiping!  There are much more exciting and pleasurable things to be doing with one’s time.  Gentlemen are the ones who see this as it should be; a little private escape in which to explore, unwind and enjoy. Fortunately for me, these are the majority that I attract.

So anyway, it appears that September was a ridiculously distant time in which to resume companionship again and luckily others agree too!  Four months is a quarter of a year for goodness sake!  A hell of a long time!  Have a few select clients I will see in August which is lovely, I’ve missed sex so much and have so much lingerie that I actually need (yes need) to show off in person!  I absolutely am in love with my green ID Sarrieri set I’m wearing.  I have a new addiction I cannot afford!  Quarantine has been kind to my body, which is my nonsensical justification for this habit.

Lastly, (as one uses in a mediocre and sub par essay), I have vowed to write much better and focused blogs!  I think the next one will be about my bush, you can’t get more focused than that, but would love to write about my favourite dates of the past year but don’t think this is very discreet.  I may write instead about bucket list places I want to visit here and abroad!  That would be a much better idea I think…

Some dates though, have not been the best but definitely very memorable and truly funny!  I had a client whose sounds when he came were deafening, I’d consider them bellows rather than groans and I genuinely feared for my eardrums!  Another came to the hotel dressed as some kind of pseudo police officer?

The tales I could tell you!

Or maybe not.

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Kindness in this time

A brief Aside!

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Ramble, ramble, ramble.

One of my favourite sayings that I’ve loved since I was a child is: ‘If wishes were horses, beggars would ride’.  It’s wonderfully sad.  Well in the time of Corona, my personal revised version totally applied: ‘If well wishes were horses, I’d have a cornucopia of Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Shires…all sorts, except they’d be lame.  

That is all I will say regarding this matter!  

 It’s far too late to waffle on now about the past month!  I had actually written, (word has just had the sheer audacity to post a ‘clarity and conciseness’ warning here!) a very heartfelt, panicked and somewhat in despair blog post around March.  Thankfully, it will never see the light of day but let’s just say that a disintegration and reawakening has occurred that I’m mostly keeping to myself.  Reason being, It’s private and of no benefit to anyone. 
 As we have weathered most of the storm, (excluding the tens of thousands dead), the self-pitying moans of the forcibly isolated have quietened, (including mine), this is both a thank you and a what the hell is happening next, blog.  Perhaps. 
‘A brief aside!’ sounds like a bdsm trash romance set in a law firm doesn’t it?  ‘He wondered what tantalising delectation her whip would bring forth, shivering naked in his chambers’.  Or a a lingerie model pose!  “Okay Kim, brief aside now please!”  
 Btw, lawyers love to think they’re interesting. Sadly they are not! Scarily good at bringing me to a swift orgasm though!  Years of just talking and talking and talking must account for this deftness of tongue…IT guys run a close second (to being generally uninteresting, not the orgasm thing) and consultants…what good are they to man or beast? 
Obviously exceptions apply to the aforementioned professions…

Ah yes, I’ve also vowed to be super positive from now on too!  Taking up some past times which will promote physical and mental well being.  People, and life in general, do contain really toxic aspects.  Desperately in need of some respite.  We all are truth be told. 

Wish me luck as I will need it.

Many heartfelt thanks!

In the current climate, receiving tangible kindness and thoughtfulness is a great gift.  There are so many adversities and challenges because of this pandemic that has altered daily life, work and economies globally.  Having friends that work in different sectors and with heart breaking family situations, I understand that the situation for me is far better and less emotional than many I know. 

 Someone very kind and special reached out financially during this time and for this act I am beyond thankful!  A kind, thoughtful and supportive person is indeed a rare find.  In all areas of life it appears that the criminally dim, thoughtless and mean-spirited dominate!

Working part time and being quite low volume (I truly wish I had a higher tolerance level towards nonsense) means that not being able to work has been extremely challenging, especially with the added pressures of university work and exams.  Expecting a client to take care of me didn’t enter my mind.  Obviously they have their own work and family issues but the fact that he did will never be forgotten! 

 I’m eternally grateful that very special clients exist.  Ones that do actually care about us as people and will help, unasked, with no strings attached.  I hope that I will continue to stumble along the path of such altruistic and caring individuals that care about my future as well as their…you know!

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